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AADOREE (pronounced the same as “adore”) is a tiny literary journal. AADOREE aims to publish those voices who are pushing boundaries of writing with an emphasis on interdisciplinary work, formal and visual experimentation, and poetic sensibilities. We adore text and language that takes risks.


AADOREE adores writing that is experimental, contemporary, technological, cross-genre, mythic, vivid, self-indulgent, imperfect, youthful, obsessive, sincere, haunty, speculative, visceral, ancestral, socially conscious, slangy, cute, ugly, overwrought, lyrical, artful, and/or magical. Language, strangeness, and imagination do the most work for us. We want work that interrogates its position on the page. We want writing that goes HAM.

As we are a smaller magazine, we tend to privilege shortform over longform. Likewise, although we don’t distinguish between genres, we tend to be a little more poetically minded or interested in hybrid works. We might not be the most ideal home for traditional stories or poems or essays, although we’re always looking to be surprised.

AADOREE is dedicated to publishing underrepresented voices and giving space to their words. Writers of color, GNC + NB + trans + femme writers, queer writers, disabled writers, undocumented writers, indigenous writers, working-class writers, all of those who have been made to feel invisible—please consider sending your work our way.


AADOREE is currently on hiatus and not currently accepting new submissions. AADOREE both publishes and reads submissions irregularly. We do not charge reading fees, but when we’re open, we tend to do reading periods for short windows. We try to notify ahead of time of potential reading periods.