AADOREE (pronounced the same as “adore”) is an online and print literary journal edited by JD Scott and Alia Tsang. AADOREE aims to publish those voices who are pushing boundaries of writing with an emphasis on interdisciplinary work and poetic sensibilities. We adore experiments with language and text that jetés across the page.


Each print issue of AADOREE is hand-bound as a limited, slim journal. The online magazine is nearly identical to the print journal except for one striking difference: each print issue contains a interdisciplinary section of “Adorations” by each contributor in the issue. An Adoration is an additional space, outside of the writer’s contribution, that they may choose to include media of a different genre: a response. A zine page. Fragments. A joke. A defense. A collage. A doodle. A grocery list. An artist statement. A recipe. Marginalia. An obsession. A postcard. Tchotchke. A kiki. Manifesto. A playlist. Polemic. A love letter. A diary entry, unlocked. All of these could be Adorations.


AADOREE adores writing that is experimental, contemporary, technological, cross-genre, mythic, vivid, self-indulgent, sincere, haunty, speculative, visceral, ancestral, slangy, cute, ugly, overwrought, lyrical, artful, and/or magical. Language, strangeness, and imagination do more for us than narratives or traditional forms—although we are fans of the lyric essay. We want work that interrogates its position on the page. We want writing that goes HAM.

AADOREE is dedicated to publishing underrepresented voices and giving space to their words. Writers of color, women-identified writers, queer writers, trans writers, disabled writers, undocumented writers, indigenous writers, working-class writers, all of those who have been made invisible—please consider sending your work our way. We welcome work that challenges all systems of power and oppression.


AADOREE believes all writers—especially those who have been delegated to the margins—should be paid for their work. AADOREE pays (1) a small honorarium and (2) one contributor copy of the hand-bound print journal.

80% of each print sale’s profits will go towards its contributors (split evenly amongst all the contributors). 20% of each print sale’s profits will go towards producing the next print issue. In order to pay contributors in a timely manner, AADOREE pays contributors 30 days after the print issue on-sale date has passed. AADOREE will use any additional profits after 30 days towards the operating costs of producing future issues—although we hope we sell out immediately and can provide our contributors with larger honorariums.


AADOREE publishes irregularly. When we are open to reading your work (we’re currently closed/not reading work), we are open on the 13th of the month for 24 hours. AADOREE acquires first North American serial rights, anthology rights and online serial rights.