Aiden K. Feltcamp

The Fire Fighter

Death is when

we notice

the irrelevant things:

my aunt’s fingers

rubbing the edges of

a pink Post-it note


the kitchen counter

the drops of condensation


in the sea-green paint

on the bathroom wall

the digital scale



toward my birth weight

my brother singing


the verses of

“How Great Thou Art”

from memory

the old woman’s                  dinosaur eye

as she turns            and strains

for an exit

the family convulsing


before it amicably

cleaves apart once more

Death is when

they ferry you away


a red monster

with its sirens

and wind-soaked officers

and I can stare at you

face to face

and see only myself

Aiden K. Feltkamp is a nonbinary superqueer who spends their days writing and their nights running OperaRox Productions. They specialize in flash fiction, opera libretti, and poetry. Find them at