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AADOREE is currently OPEN for submissions for our themed issue (we will be reading general submissions again some time in 2019). We do not charge fees when we read, although we do encourage you to support our magazine by purchasing issues from our store. We expect to launch our second issue before the end of 2018.

We will be reading for our third issue (and our first themed issue!) beginning September 22, 2018. Check out our special call for submissions to start thinking about what you can send us for our third issue. Because we are reading for a themed issue, we will be forgoing our usual 24-hour reading periods for and open for an extended amount of time. Even though we’re reading for a themed issue, all the following submission info still applies:

If this submissions page is the first place you’ve arrived on our site, we encourage you to read our about page to get a sense of who we are, as well as read the work in our debut issue before considering sending any work our way. We receive a lot of traditional love poems (is it our amorous name?) and narrative short stories that are not a good fit for us. Please send us work because you feel you are in conversation with the work in AADOREE, not because we’d make another bullet point on your CV.

Although AADOREE is a magazine that primarily publishes poetry or poetic language, but we do not distinguish between genre and thus read all work through the same general category. While we have general guidelines below, if you do hybrid writing, multimedia work, or other writing that blurs and defies genre, we welcome you to send us whatever you would like us to consider—but please include a cover letter to give us some context.

Poets, please send no more than 5 poems. We don’t impose a page limit for poetry, but if you’re submitting long poems, please be reasonable. While it’s true the web provides us with an infinite canvas, we take the same work for our print edition, which has limited space.

Fictionaries: we value fiction this is language-driven, fiction that formally experiments, fiction that goes to imaginative or irreal places. We might not be the best home for your traditional, realist short story. We want to be taken to lyrical & fabulist places. Please keep all submissions under 3000 words (so feel free to send, say, three 1000 word flash pieces, as long it’s no more than 3000 words total). Excerpts from book-length projects are fine, but we will be looking for the excerpt to stand strong on its own. We welcome rule-breakers to the above specifications if you think your prose is a perfect fit for AADOREE, but please remember we only have so many pages for our print edition.

Essayists & raconteurs: hit us up, bb. Like fiction, we’re interested in lyric + hybrid essays more than traditional nonfiction. We want nonfiction that takes risks. Additionally, please don’t send us the type of thinkpieces one would pitch to media outlets. We do not publish strictly academic or critical writing, including book reviews, but if you have a boundary-blurring piece that utilizes these modes, we welcome your submission.

Visual poets, poetry comics folx, and zinesters are encouraged to send graphic texts and poetry comics. We don’t accept general artwork submissions, so please do not send your art our way unless it’s also functioning as a type of text/literary art submission (e.g.: the way Carrie Mae Weems, Robert Montgomery, and Jenny Holzer use text).

MULTIPLE SUBMISSIONS = NO. Please only send us one packet of writing at a time until you hear back from us. Please only send us one piece of writing per reading period.

SIMULTANEOUS SUBMISSIONS = YES, but please notify us if your piece has been accepted elsewhere. If you need to withdraw ONE piece, but still want use to consider the other pieces you sent us (e.g.: in a packet of multiple poems), please leave us a note in Submittable telling us which one you’re withdrawing. If every piece in your packet has been accepted elsewhere, please officially withdraw your entire submission in Submittable.

Please also keep in mind that if we accept a work from you, we will ask you to contribute an “adoration” to the print edition. You do not need to send your adoration with your original submission—if we accept your work we will ask for a contribution from you then.

AADOREE acquires first North American serial rights, anthology rights and online serial rights. All work remains the copyright of its individual creators and reverts to the author upon publication. AADOREE pays a small honorarium to each writer (via Venmo, Paypal, or Bitcoin), as well as sends accepted writers (1) copy of the print issue they’re featured in. By sending us your work through Submittable, you are also consenting to being added to our mailing list to receive an occasional correspondence from AADOREE through MailChimp.

If you’ve made it this far & read everything above, please click the Xs and Os below to access our Submittable: