AADOREE is currently closed to reading new work while we finalize our debut issue. We except the debut issue to come out sometime in May 2017.

Although AADOREE is a magazine that primarily publishes poetry or poetic language, but we do not distinguish between genre and thus read all work through the same general category.

We adore prose, as long as said prose is under 3000 words (so feel free to send, say, three 1000 word flash pieces, as long it’s no more than 3000 words total).

Fictionaries: we go hard for linguistic magick and tight, precise prose > character/dialogue/plot/realism.

Lyric essayists & raconteurs: hit us up, bb.

Visual poets and zinesters are encouraged to send graphic texts.

We do not review books or accept general artwork at this time, so please don’t send those our way.

Please only send us one piece of writing at a time until you hear back from us. Please only send us one piece of writing every six months.

Simultaneous = AY-OKAY, but please notify us if your piece has been accepted elsewhere. If you need to withdraw ONE piece, but still want use to consider the other pieces you sent us (e.g.: in a packet of multiple poems), please leave us a note in Submittable telling us which one you’re withdrawing. If everything has been accepted elsewhere, please officially withdraw your entire packet in Submittable.